New Year's Resolutions 2017


photo: Alicja Kielan

New Year's Resolutions 2017


Dizajn Gallery BWA Wrocław
Świdnicka 2-4

The promise and ever-increasing scope of new information technologies foster a false sense of agency over our surroundings. Instead of placing our hopes with how much our social media presence might grow, we should look to the sharing economy, crowdfunding, and the culture of participatory design for a truly progressive kind of involvement – one which can push the conventional idea of participation forward. For quite some time, community consultations, polls, opening our yards and engaging local communities has served as an emblem for the responsible approach in organizing common space. But recognizing the needs and conceptualizing change are just the first steps we can take in the face of systematic visual negligence and chaotic design decisions.  

Concept of participatory design envisions that partnership provides the best way of satisfying needs and solving problems. The complex and unique conditions of specific social environments are best identified by the local communities themselves, and their members continually prove to be the best advisers when engaged in the design process. Thus, participation isn't just a design procedure geared at raising the quality of spaces, decorations or communications, but an indispensable tool of understanding the needs of recipients and handling them in a comprehensive manner.  

Let us join designers in taking on the role of researchers, working outside the confines of preconceived notions, and find out that, however unconventional, dialogue never fails to pay off.

Print Control nr 5

The goal of this publication is to inspire other creative proffesionals to think critically about the function of Eastern European design and to explore how good graphic design in Poland has strenghtened its presence dramatically over the past years, expanding from a widely deployed tool to a specialized profession. With the rise of innovation in publishing and distribution systems, designers are mobilizing the techniques and processes of design to create and publish visual media in a modern and independent way. At the same time, designers are becoming producers: authors, publishers, instigators, and entrepreneurs employing their creative skills as makers of content and shapers of experience, which highlights the increasingly entrepreneurial nature of designer-produced goods.  

The following publications and exhibited items, often limited in their circulation and sometimes impossible to find, open new doors and create new networks in the world of publishing in Poland. Disturbing, thrifty and couragous, the editorial approach of polish designers reflects a willingness to rethink the printed object and its overall production. 

Designer’s practice remains in constant flux, exchanging back and forth between industrial production and the more unique, limited editions. They share their problems and success between them, clients and collaborators, between ideas and forms. Let’s celebrate together a cross-section of companies and individuals whose work is graphic and inspiring.   

curator: Magdalena Heliasz
gallery program: Katarzyna Roj
graphic design: Jakub Stępień aka Hakobo
exhibition designi: Pigalopus
production: Iwona Kałuża, Joanna Sokalska
audience development: Karol Buganik


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