The Gradual Disappearance of Melancholy

exhibition by Fabien Lédé

design: Fabien Lédé

The Gradual Disappearance of Melancholy
exhibition by Fabien Lédé

31.03 -20.05.2017

opening: Friday, 31.03.2017, 7 p.m.

Studio Gallery BWA Wroc³aw
Ruska 46 a /301, second floor

This will be about the creation and experiencing of pleasure.
About speculations on what could happen.
About private utopias and inner landscapes, in which it is good to get lost sometimes.
About the speeding up and slowing down of tempo.
About the disruption of beauty and the beauty of disruption.

Fabien Lédé's exhibition The gradual disappearance of Melancholy derives from the need to create alternative realities, from a fascination with anarchy & the codes with which the collective imagination operates. On the one hand, an aesthetic excess is revealed here; on the other, the clouded margins of fantasy. From fragments of memories and desires that are continually being reproduced and fading, new layers of dreams form which are about something more than that which already exists.

Fabien Lédé – a French visual artist, performer and set designer. In his artistic practice he joins traditional forms of creation together with D.I.Y methods and technology. He experiments with light and tests tension between material & virtual aspects of art. Fascinated by alternative modes of expression, he creates multilayered landscapes, mixed media interactive sculptures, site-specific installations, and raw-graffiti-embroidery drawings held in naive style. Consequently explores the margins of existing artistic languages in order to construct his own artistic idiom. Graduated in the department of graphic design at the Academy of Art in Orleans in France and in Interdisciplinary Printmaking at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroc³aw. Currently based in Wroc³aw, where he runs Atelier F. LÉDÉ art lab.


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