Kama Sokolnicka / Residency at la malterie

August the 28th to October the 23rd, Lille (France)

Kama Sokolnicka / Residency at la malterie

Kama Sokolnicka lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland. She will be in residency at la malterie in Lille (France) from 2013 August the 28th to October the 23rd. Kama Sokolnicka uses a wide range of of techniques and media’ strategies, from painting to site-specific and video installations. In her work she focuses mainly on image as a function of memory and the phenomenon of horror vacui as well as the construction of contemporary subject in relation to biography, space and different kinds of history deformed by emotions. She's interested in terms of ambivalence and disappointment, which are often related to the specific character of a place or territory.

Actually she deals with the idea of jet-lag and its ability to define the status of postcolonial Western civilization after the decades of “jet speed economy”. In La Malterie the Jet-lag project will evolve in the series of objects, paintings and collages as a transposition of the sleep medicine language to the socio-economic reality nowadays. Drifting observation point (of view) seems to be immanent to Eastern–European perspective, and it encourages to analyze, sometimes in an ironic or playful way, to what extent the culture one comes from shapes the way one’s identity is developed.


Artistic residency in CEAAC Strasbourg, FR (2004), OMI International Art Center, USA (2013). Stipendist of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2011), nominated to Award of Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation (2011). Awarded by The Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Polish Cultural Institut in NYC (2013). Artworks in public as well as in private collections. She's represented by BWA Warszawa gallery (PL). This residency is a collaboration between la malterie, BWA Wroclaw, and the Wro Art center. It is funded by Institut français + Ville de Lille, the international relationships' Department of the City of Lille, and the Polish Institute of Paris.

la malterie HERE


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