SZROT. Exhibition of Gregor Gonsior

Studio, ul. Ruska 46a/13
Studio, ul. Ruska 46a/13

wernisaż: piątek, 07.12.2018, godz. 19:00

galeria Studio BWA Wrocław
ul. Ruska 46a (II piętro)

Gregor Gonsior makes hybrid sculptures and assemblages out of raw and scrap materials found in municipal waste land, on the margins of prosperity – where others dispose of the unwanted and unnecessary things. Rubbish, leftovers, trash, refuse. By recycling, Gonsior gives them new functionality. He emancipates and reactivates matter that has been written off: wood, leather and recovered synthetics.

In SZROT, Gonsior explores the possibility of transferring strategies connected with zero-waste ecological practices to artistic activities, viewing them from a social and political perspective. As a Silesian, he is particularly interested in ethnic and cultural minorities. Whether we want it or not, anchoring a personal identity in the collective one often implies aversion to what’s different and alien. It automatically builds the “us” versus “them” division. Sometimes it even generates violence.

The sense of distinctiveness and belonging to a community at the same time, articulated in the language and urban practices, is what in SZROT becomes a starting point to a series of experiments with an unstable, flickering identity.

SZROT – a zero-waste, closed-circuit economy.

Curator: Anka Herbut

Exhibition of Gregor Gonsior

Opening: Friday, 07.12.2018, 7 pm

Studio Gallery BWA Wrocław
46a (2nd floor) Ruska Street