13th Geppert Competition

13th Geppert Competition

20 March – 17 May 2020
Gala and Award Ceremony: 8 May 2020, 7 pm

BWA Wrocław Główny Gallery
Main Railway Station mezzanine
105 Piłsudskiego Street

Thirty young artists were selected for the 13th edition of the Geppert Competition, a national review of debuts on the Polish painting scene, to be seen at the BWA Wrocław Główny Gallery exhibition. 

Almost a billion new pictures appear daily on the internet alone. In turn, our ability to absorb and process them is minimal. Do we need new pictures, then? This is a question asked by the curators of the exhibition of the 13th Geppert Competition: Alicja Klimczak-Dobrzaniecka and Anna Kołodziejczyk. And they answer it right away: artists, painters say “yes, we do need new pictures”. This is the theme of the upcoming exhibition at the BWA Wrocław Główny Gallery, presenting the finalists of the 13th Geppert Competition.

The idea of the competition was originated in 1989 among the teaching staff of Wrocław’s State College of Visual Arts (today’s Academy of Fine Arts) and art critics to commemorate Eugeniusz Geppert, the art school’s first rector. Originally, the competition was a strictly academic event, but since 1999 it has been co-organized by BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art. The competition is aimed at young painters, three years after graduation at the latest, as well as non-professionals actively involved in art. The event comprises two elements: a qualifying symposium and a competition exhibition. “During the symposium in October 2019,” says curator Alicja Klimczak-Dobrzaniecka, “experts representing a wide range of art centres in Poland and various functions within the artistic field (academic staff, artists and exhibition curators) entered a maximum of three candidates each – young painters they considered most interesting – presenting their profiles and artistic achievements to date. The finalists to be showcased in the competition exhibition were shortlisted by means of a closed deliberation process. The Jury will announce the winners in May 2020.”

The latest edition of the Geppert Competition features young artists of various talents. “They attempt to grasp the difficult co-existence of styles, going beyond the topicality of the times they depict,” says curator Anna Kołodziejczyk. Without any complexes, the painters tell stories about anything and consider everything. And we, the recipients, also need new pictures.

The exhibition of the 13th Geppert Competition at the BWA Wrocław Gallery will be made available to the public on 20 March at 11 am, but the prizes will be awarded later, during the Gala on 20 May 2020.

artists: Yui Akiyama, Lena Achtelik, Marceli Adamczyk, Martyna Baranowicz, Paweł Baśnik, Kacper Będkowski, Aleksander Błaszkiewicz, Martyna Czech, Jagoda Dobecka, Róża Duda and Michał Soja, Marcin Janusz, Martyna Kielesińska, Anna Kołacka, Vojtech Kovarik, Mikołaj Kowalski, Edyta Kowalewska, Alicja Kubicka, Agnieszka Kucharska, Maciej Kusy, Jan Możdżyński, Maciej Nowacki, Małgorzata Pawlak, Zofia Pałucha, Mateusz Piestrak, Krzysztof Piętka, Kinga Popiela, Szymon Popielec, Maryna Sakowska, Mikołaj Szpaczyński, Katarzyna Szymkiewicz

curators: Alicja Klimczak-Dobrzaniecka, Anna Kołodziejczyk
jury: Iwona Bigos, Maria Poprzęcka, Kamil Kuskowski, Zdzisław Nitka, Bogusław Deptuła
co-organizer: Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław
partners: Tygodnik Przegląd, Magazyn SZUM, Artinfo.pl


Friday 20 March 2020
Opening of the competition exhibition

Thursday 7 May 2020
Closed Jury meeting of the Geppert Competition

Friday 8 May 2020
Gala and Award Ceremony

every Wednesday, 5 pm (except holidays)
Guided tour of the exhibition