All Tommorows. TIFF Festival 2019

All Tommorows
TIFF Festival 2019


Studio BWA Wrocław gallery
 Ruska 46a Street, IIIrd floor

This is a genre exhibition immersed in predictions and fantasies about what may or may happen, somewhere on the

Adam Żądło, Horsepower – Russell The Horse

margins of what we see. It is a reflection on different visions, sometimes they go hundreds of years forward, sometimes they are immersed in the parallel world, but they are always rooted in the current reality.

The exhibition will present the works of several photographers, which will be read in the context of selected literary sci-fi genres. It will also be a reflection on how photography and literature interact with each other, changing their fields of interpretation and the experiences and

Svetlana Mladenovic, from the series La planete sauvage

emotions of the viewer.


artists: Omar Marques & Natalia Wiernik, Svetlana Mladenovic, Anna Tiessen, Egemen Tuncer, Adam Żądło

curator: Beata Bartecka

literary cooperation: Małgorzata Wojciechowicz

The detailed events programme:’s worth checking!