artistic residency of Keiko Nomura

Keiko Nomura is a photographer born in Hyogo, Japan. She graduated from Visual Arts College Osaka and studied photography in Los Angeles. Her photo book Deep South (1999), capturing her roots of Okinawa, has attracted much attention for its unique colours and rich emotionality. Since then, women and water have been the motifs in her overarching theme of ‘life’.  

Nomura’s work explores life’s infinite cycle beyond time and space. Her pieces have beenpublished in 4 photo books and shown in over 40 exhibitions. The artist received the Newcomer’s Award from the Photographic Society of Japan in 1999, New Photographer Prize at the 16th Higashikawa International Photography Festival in 2000, and Tadahiko Hayashi Prize in 2019. She currently lives and works in Okinawa. 

During her residency, Nomura intends to photograph people, culture, history, and life in Poland. Her main idea is to capture the circulation of food that feeds the body and the circulation of water that feeds nature. This is her first visit to our country. Supervision over her work will be provided by Wrocław-based photographer and curator Łukasz Rusznica,  affiliated with the Miejsce przy Miejscu 14 Gallery. During her stay in Wrocław, the artist will participate in two events: an artist talk and a portfolio review. The effects of her work will be presented in a photography book, whose publication is planned for 2022.  

The residency is part of an exchange programme for photographers from Poland and Japan, organised in 2021-2022 by BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art with the support of EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee. Its participants are Keiko Nomura, who will stay in Wrocław between September and October this year, and Aleksandra Nowysz, who will go to Sado Island in Japan next year (curator of her residency is Mikiko Kikuta). Partners of the exchange are Culture Zone Wrocław, TIFF Festival and Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival. Keiko Nomura’s residency in Wrocław was also supported by the Kanzan Foundation.