23 Oct 2020 – 3 Jan 2021

Dizajn BWA Wrocław
2-4 Świdnicka Street

A topical exhibition. For lack of other options (lockdown), we return to our own backyard. Our new Dizajn Gallery exhibition is looking for symptoms of vitality, locality and unselfishness in the commercialism-laden urban space of Wrocław. In short, we are looking for the common good.

And its emblem – the surprisingly resilient, energetic letter W, an obligatory item in the register of Wrocław’s iconography which was, is, and will always be trendy – you’ll see. While cherishing the local nostalgia (or mythology) we will also check which of the symbols of Wrocław is close to your heart. And why it is the gentleman from the “Good evening in Wrocław” neon sign. All in the atmosphere of fellowship, collaboration, and in Lifery! Watch out or you will end up identifying with it.

The event will be an opportunity to explore the diversity of design and uses of the letter W on the example of over 70 projects. The exhibition, composed of lightboxes, will be based on this year’s publication devoted to Wrocław’s letters W, titled V+V Vademecum, released by Autor W. The collection was created by Łukasz Walawender and Marian Misiak, designers and propagators of Wrocław’s visual culture. Marta Smektała’s arrangement of the exhibition refers to an earlier project organized by Dizajn BWA Wrocław Gallery, using Jakub Szczęsny’s projects from his 2013 exhibition Operations in Populated Areas. In this way, we continue our practice of creatively transforming scenographic elements, at the same time assuring minimum waste.

The letter W is a timeless symbol of Wrocław and leitmotif of a number of Wrocław identifications, a local element constantly present in the cityscape. There was no Wrocław – there was no W (in the alphabet). They must have been meant for each other.

Curator: Kalina Zatorska / Autor W.
Co-operation: Iwona Kałuża / BWA Wrocław
Exhibition graphic design: Jakub Stępień / Hakobo
Collection of the letters W and graphic design of “V+V Wademecum”, the exhibition’s accompanying publication: Łukasz Walawender, Marian Misiak
Exhibition arrangement: Marta Smektała


About the creators of the exhibition:

Kalina Zatorska – initiator of Fundacja 102 and the new Autor W. initiative, aiming to observe, preserve and educate. Involved in visual communication, both professionally and after hours. Believes in content, not fonts.

Łukasz Walawender – graphic designer. He lives and works in Wrocław. Enthusiast and propagator of local visual culture.

Marian Misiak – font designer sharing Walawender’s enthusiasm and interests. Creator of the Threedotstype font platform.

Jakub Stępień – graphic designer from Łódź who senses the Wrocław spirit perfectly.