English Guided Tour in BWA Wrocław Główny Gallery

English Guided Tour
Saturday, 11.05.2019, 12 p.m.

the next tours:
18.05, 25.05, 2.06.2019

BWA Wrocław Główny Gallery
the mezzanine of Wrocław Główny railway station
105 Piłsudskiego Street

Agata Siniarska, photo: Pauline Payen

On every Saturday in BWA Wrocław Główny Gallery we would like to invite you to guided tours in new exhibition called We Will All Meet at the Same Place.

The exhibition strives to introduce non-standard ways of perceiving sound and movement with regard to experimental artistic phenomena. Through complementary narrative layers made up of objects and performative actions, we wish to draw attention to the formal and thematic connections between different art disciplines.

On the English guided tours we will try to bring closer the idea of this exhibition and get across curators and artist visions. The tour guide will be host by Aleksandra Czerniak – history of art student and producer of art exhibition with cool British accent.

The event will take place on Saturdays at 12.00 p.m.  according to the schedule: 20.04, 27.04, 4.05, 11.05, 18.05, 25.05, 2.06.2019; and sometimes (Tuesday till Sunday) upon request (contact our info desk).

More about the exhibition here

artists: Wojciech Bruszewski, Sebastian Buczek, Matěj Frank, Grupa Budapeszt, Sarah Hennies, Łukasz Jastrubczak, Rolf Julius, Brandon LaBelle, Karolina Pietrzyk, Gilbert Schneider, Kama Sokolnicka, Wandelweiser Komponisten Ensemble, Ryszard Waśko, Tobias Wenig, Christian Wolff, Zorka Wollny, Anna Zaradny, Artur Żmijewski
choreographic residencies: Anna Nowicka, Aleksandra Osowicz, Magdalena Ptasznik, Agata Siniarska

curators: Paweł Szroniak, Karolina Wycisk, Magda Zamorska
collaboration: estate rolf julius, Performat Foundation
media partners: The Wire, Glissando, TaniecPOLSKA.pl