Inner Life: The Bump. Art Scene of 19th New Horizons IFF

Inner Life: The Bump
Art Scene of 19th New Horizons International Film Festival

opening: Friday, 26.07.2019, 7 p.m.

galeria Studio BWA Wrocław
ul. Ruska 46a/III piętro

Tabita Rezaire, Sugar Walls Teardom, 2016

The exhibition is a gallery extension and broadening of the Body in which I Live section at New Horizon. The filmmakers deal with its various aspects; Inner Life: The Bump concentrates on the key one.

 The topic of the exhibition is corporeality multiplied, the moment the body transcends itself, the uncanny state which is impossible to tame and is blessed at the same time – Inner Life: The Bump is about pregnancy. We confront images created by the cinema with those of visual artists. Pregnancy is sometimes used as a metaphor of the creative process. We undertake to refresh this cliché, treating the gallery as a symbolic uterus, in which a discourse is born amid blood, tears, amniotic fluids, biopolitics, physiology and mysticism, medicine, astrology and cosmogony, perennial archetypes and current disputes, patriarchy and feminism, horrors and miracles of internal life.

artists: Mania Akbari / Douglas White, Oskar Dawicki, Monika Drożyńska, Magda Hueckel, Dorota Kozieradzka, Norman Leto, Anna Odell, Witek Orski, Tabita Rezaire, Joanna Rytel, Wrocławski Strajk Kobiet

curators: Ewa Szabłowska, Stach Szabłowski
curatorial cooperation: Joanna Stembalska
exhibition design: Fabien Lédé

Mani Akbari i Douglasa White, Lubion Owl

Curatorial tour:
27.07–2.08, every day at 6 p.m.

 Gallery opening hours
during the Festival
27.07–04.08, every day: 2–10 p.m.

Wednesday–Thursday: 2–6 p.m, Friday: 12–7 p.m, Saturday: 12–4 p.m
Sunday–Tuesday: closed