opening: Friday, 14.02.2020, 7 p.m.

Studio BWA Wrocław Gallery
46a/301 Ruska Street (3rd floor)

We invite you to the Studio BWA Wrocław Gallery for an exhibition of artists and lecturers from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Massey University and Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw.

Sight, the sense that dominates all others. Not only during an exhibition but throughout every aspect of our lives. Encompassing us so greatly that few of us could conceive of our daily routines without it. The exhibition combined works from New Zealand, the United States, Poland, connecting international artists and three institutions. The exhibition will appear in each country, adapting to its surroundings and curators each time.

We asked artists to consider when and how do we experience what is unseen? Together writing a dedication to artwork that goes beyond the 2-d image. Reminding us that art is never the picture hanging on the wall in the museum but the invisible emotional reaction that occurs somewhere between the viewer, creator and the artwork. It’s an intangible emotion filling the empty space between the three. A relationship that allows the artist’s voice to transcend centuries and become part of collective memory. This unseen emotion becomes greater than the individual artist, though it is of their own making.

Kerry Ann Lee, Unavailable Memory of Gold Coin Cafe

Artist’s may use microscopic elements to create their pieces, created by using distortions in code, draw only shadows, use smells or invisible inks, find inspiration in dark matter, they appeal to the rest of the human condition. A cell becomes the entirety of a piece, dream time becomes reality, undiscussed topics in modern society may be brought to light.

The exhibition is an attempt to touch the viewer: whether the approach be through technique, material or topic, we invite you to explore a means of expression that reaches more than the eye.

artist: Kerry Ann-Lee, Emmy Bright, Zuzanna Dydra, Sarah Epping, Danny Greenberg, Natalie Hou, Aga Jarząb, Lee Jensen, Jakub Jernajczyk, Cooper Holoweski, Angela Kilford, Jun Li, Sebastian Łubinski, Paulo Marino, Lisa Munnelly & Simon Eastwood, Henry Newell, Jason O’hara, Pawel Puzio, Marcin Rupociński, Aleksandra Trojanowska, Maja Wolińska

curators: Sarah Epping, Aleksandra Trojanowska

partners: Cranbrook Academy of Art (Detroit, USA), Massey University (Wellington, New Zeland), Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw