Lifery and 5! exhibition

Lifery and 5! exhibition

opening of Lifery and the exhibition: 4.05.209, 7 p.m.

Dizajn BWA Wrocław Gallery
2-4 Świdnicka Street

First, we are opening Lifery – a unique space at Dizajn BWA Wrocław Gallery, prepared by Buck.Studio. The Wrocław-based designers, well-known to domestic and international design aficionados, for the first time present their public-space projects in the form of an exhibition.

What inspired the creation of Lifery was the idea of a freely accessible urban health resort, inspired by the nostalgic atmosphere of Lower Silesian spas and wellness palaces. The Polish word “Żyjnia” – both nostalgic and futuristic – defines the character of the place, open to everyday needs of its users. Its designers, Dominika Buck and Paweł Buck, have found an extra context for the functioning of the gallery space, up till now hosting events which accompanied ongoing exhibitions. They came up with the idea of turning the venue into a place of a moment’s respite in the city centre, offering a unique experience of relaxation, the way spa facilities do. What makes spaces designed by Buck.Studio distinct, says Katarzyna Roj, curator of the Dizajn Gallery programme, is the characteristic processing of the place, the texture-detail relationship, the holistic approach to the interior as an interaction between the physical space and choreography of the human body. And I wanted Lifery – on a daily basis, when no particular events are taking place – to be more than just a showy interior, but also a place full of vitality and enticing energy.

Buck.Studio, Dinette, foto: Marcin Pawłowski

In Lifery, the healing waters are replaced by medicinal herbal infusions and relaxing steam inhalations. Spa palaces inspired the creators not only because of the symbolic dimension of water, organizing the way the places function, but also due to their atmosphere. They are more of culture centres than cafes. They are non-commercial by definition. Similarly, Lifery is a meeting place, a modern-day open city salon which hosts a number of diverse events. The premiere is accompanied by the 5! exhibition, first cross-sectional presentation of Buck.Studio’s work. Six realizations will be shown, and the five with an exclamation mark in the title refers to the designers’ manifesto, expressing values pervading their work.

The exhibition will end in late summer, but Lifery will remain as the gallery’s permanent feature. City debates are planned to take place there, as well as inspiring series of meetings discussing the issue of water in the context of producing consumer goods, design and everyday use. We also plan a crowdfunding campaign, says Katarzyna Roj. The proceeds will help record and propagate content resulting from our activity known as Lifery TV. In May, the 9th birthday of the 3D (Design Dla Dzieci, Design for Children) educational project will be marked by the presence of a special guest – Jakub Stępień, aka Hakobo. The event will be at the same time a round-up of the gallery’s educational activity for children. For the Museum Night on 18 May 2019, we are preparing a special event – an intergenerational dance party at Lifery. We will be listening to old hits while drinking medicinal herbal mixtures.

It is worth mentioning here that the Dizajn Gallery team encourages a collective grassroots effort in building the programme and using Lifery’s unique properties according to individual ideas, as long as they do not inconvenience other users. We will support initiatives aiming to promote knowledge and good practices in the field of design and ecology, encourages Katarzyna Roj. We are waiting for co-operation proposals at A more detailed programme soon here:

authors: Buck.Studio
curator: Katarzyna Roj

visual identification: Michał Majewski

About the Designers

Buck.Studio is an award-winning multidisciplinary studio established by architects Dominika Buck and Paweł Buck, dealing in interior design, object design and visual identification. It specializes in developing concepts and strategies for public spaces, undertaking both domestic and international projects, including among others the Dinette bistro, Opasły Tom restaurant, Nowe Horyzonty arthouse cinema, Nanan confectioners (awarded in London and New York) and Campo, which received the 2018 London Award for the best restaurant interior in the world and the prestigious German Design Award in 2019.

strategic partners of Lifery: Comforty, Chors, Delius, Glasspol, Herbapol Lublin, Reprint
partners of Lifery: Eauvation, Modeco Stone, Saldator Konstrukcje Spawane, Jan Sadowski, CEG-NAR, Young Glass Piotr Nawratil, Unigastro, KONO, Mossmoss, La Decoration, Promet
exhibition partners: Saldator Konstrukcje Spawane, Jan Sadowski, Promet Metaloplastyka, Kamilux, Chors, Fameg, Cerpol

media partners: Radio Wrocław, Radio RAM, Radio Wrocław Kultura, Notes na 6 tygodni, Magazyn USTA, Label Magazine, PRIV Magazine, Architecture Snob, TYPOWRO,

Programme of the Events

Saturday, 4.05.2019, 7 p.m.
Opening of Lifery, opening of the 5! exhibition

Saturday, 11.05.2019, 12.00 noon – 3 p.m.
Three to the Power, or the 9th Birthday of 3D

It is somewhat hard to believe, but it has been nine years since we initiated the activities collectively labelled “3D – Dizajn Dla Dzieci” (Design for Children). To mark the occasion, join a family workshop conducted by our special guest – Hakobo (Jakub Stępień) – and celebrate the anniversary together with us. Expect sweets, reminiscences and fantasizing about the future, but above all – graphic activities supervised by one of the most important designers in Poland!

Saturday, 18.05.2019
Museum Night
Gallery open 3 p.m. – midnight

6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Intergenerational Dance Party at Lifery

We will be watching the exhibition and listening to old hits, drinking medicinal herbal mixtures. All age groups welcome.