Lost & Founds Islands Bureau

Lost & Founds Islands Bureau
The Art Scene of 20th International Film Festival New Horizons

till 13.03.2021

Studio BWA Wrocław Gallery
Ruska 46a Street, 3rd floor

The Art Scene of the New Horizons International Film Festival is the sixth time guests at BWA Wrocław. As every year, the presented exhibition is a gallery extension of the search conducted at the film festival. This year’s presentation is an “archipelago of islands”.

This exhibition is an archipelago of islands. Each island is a complete fantasy and yet it exists. Each is a separate, autonomous place in the gallery. None are deserted, but each was created by one person, and it can accommodate just one person at a time. Artists and filmmakers were invited to create the islands, their topography and geology. We asked them to dream up an island by paraphrasing a question “what would you take to a desert island”. In this case, it is not about taking, but about leaving something on the island.

The exhibition’s topography – the archipelago landscape, a federation of separate places – reflects paradoxes of contemporary condition. Art works as a magnifying glass. The first phase of the pandemic did not deprive us of access to cultural texts. On the contrary, migration of cultural life online exceeded our expectations and possibilities of perception. However, we have been cut off from places where we used to perform the experience of culture: galleries, exhibitions, festivals, cinemas, and theaters. After the lockdown, the attitude is different. Whether or not we participate in culture ceases to be merely an expression of interests, it has become a manifestation of beliefs and worldviews.

Is it possible to participate in culture while in isolation? What is the significance of works being located somewhere, in a physical place, here and now, when cultural content circulating online is everywhere and nowhere?

photo: Alicja Kielan

Artists: Oskar Alegria, Kornel Janczy, Honorata Martin, Ann Oren, Liliana Piskorska Zeic, Ben Rivers & Ben Russell
Curators: Ewa Szabłowska, Stach Szabłowski, Joanna Stembalska
Exhibition design & visual identification: Fabien Lédé

Co-organizer: International Film Festival New Horizons