Mobilki. Mariusz Waras

Mariusz Waras

29 Nov 2019 – 21 Jan 2020
opening: Friday, 29 Nov 2019, 7 pm
curatorial tour with the artist’s participation: Saturday, 30 Nov 2019, 3 pm

Studio BWA Wrocław Gallery
46a Ruska Street / 3rd floor

The presented series Mobilki is a collection of rescaled toys – figures and objects set in motion manually by the audience. The simple technology, based to a large extent on the technique used by the artist himself when creating murals, enables a quick execution of works which are a manifesto, spontaneous reaction and commentary on particular political and media events of the last two years in Poland.

The figures are borrowed from particular images and situations which made a lasting impression on Mariusz Waras’s imagination. Translated into visual language, transferred into a material and then complemented with simple mechanics, mobilki are at the same time toys among meanings and symbols, and the recipient setting them in motion becomes a participant in little genre scenes. Contexts and roles get mixed up in the play, and the swinging movement turns the recipient into a participant or creator, engaging him or her momentarily in a parallel dramaturgy of the work.

curator: Joanna Stembalska
graphic design: Olek Modzelewski ( / font: Korpus Grotesk (