#sister’s reflection

#sister's reflection
exhibition by Jeschkelanger group

opening: 17.05.2019, 7 p.m.

SIC! BWA Wrocław Gallery
9/10 Kościuszki Square

credits: Caroline Seeliger

In the SIC BWA Wrocław Gallery will open an exhibition of the German artistic group Jeschkelanger, which uses the medium of glass to create a multi-dimensional story of community and hospitality.

How to share the world at times of increasingly faster and global forms of connectivity? How to welcome the other while acknowledging and paying respect to difference? How to build a community based on solidarity and friendship? Marie Jeschke and Anja Langer have been working together since 2014. In December 2016 they founded the aritst duo Jeschkelanger. Even though individually the artists work across multiple media, they connect through glass, which acts as a transmitter and a site and space for transformation and collaboration enabling a new economy of exchange and hospitality. Jeschkelanger explore the versatility and multiple possibilities enabled by glass as a material, a medium, a method, a melting point and a danger zone, a practice and a tool, and what they consider a contact zone. They see glass as promoting equality through its translucency, tastelessness and scentlessness. Their installations include elements of domestic architecture such as glass doors, mirrors, windows, and refer to the technical and functional aspects associated with glass, on one hand fragile and easy to break, on the other protective and sometimes dangerous.

In this exhibition Jeschkelanger explore concepts of hospitality and mutual exchange enabled by their transdisciplinary work. Glass table tops used for their evolving since 2017 performative encounters Empty_Glass become actants of exchange, hosting, hospitality and generous reciprocity. They create a discursive space, which complicates concepts of gendered domesticity and the home. The ideology of hosting is profoundly ambivalent. The well-known phrase ‘make yourself at home’ expressed when welcoming a stranger, on one hand connotes being welcome and comfortable, on the other it invites one to an environment which is inhibited by social codes and strict gender roles performed within a domestic space. It is also associated with power dynamics between the host and the guest(s).  Jeschkelanger challenge ideas associated with female hosting and open up space for a future of shared mutual respect, hospitality and connectivity through exchange, embodying feminist principles of solidarity and friendship. Their hospitality gives hope that politics of togetherness is still possible and necessary.

curator: Basia Śliwińska
curatorial cooperation: Joanna Kobyłt