Spaces of integration. Does BWA have to be a building?

Spaces of integration. Does BWA have to be a building?
Co-design and exhibition


Dizajn BWA Wrocław Gallery
Świdnicka Street 2-4

Iza Rutkowska, The Cuddly

Together with Iza Rutkowska, a lecturer and designer of processes referring to integration space and its users, we invite you to join us in designing Wrocław’s new BWA!

There are various methods of uniting people. Iza Rutkowska uses large-sized objects which give new meanings to places and turn them into spaces of integration. The objects are deliberately simple in reception. They are most often animals, which are easy to interact with intuitively. What for some is already the artistic category of interactive installation, for her is but the beginning of a process of permanent space transformation. The animals only serve to attract people, they allow us to get to know each other in order to sense our needs, recognize mutual potential and design the space together – not just functional space, but also one fulfilling dreams and offering much more than a mere architectural effect: the socially uniting space.

The processes I run are much more powerful than architecture itself because by integrating people I build spaces based on their trust, I give them a sense of agency and co-creation, explains her work Iza Rutkowska, and adds: The final space is not only an architectural, but also a social creation, completely changing the way in which the place functions and the way it is used. The first object designed to create an integration space was Przytulanka (Cuddly Toy). I have been using it in my performative research for the last few years. And today, I symbolically hand it over to you at the Dizajn gallery so that you could unite around it at the outset of the process of founding the new site of Wrocław’s BWA, for you to lie down, cuddle up and think what kind of new BWA you would like for yourselves.

The process of designing the new site of BWA Wrocław was initiated by a team of its employees. Knowing the reality of the gallery’s current operations, they have proposed three ideas for a possible new location of the venue. The place would serve as the seat of the institution, replacing the Awangarda gallery functioning between 1962 and 2019 – the largest exhibition space of Wrocław’s BWA (Bureau of Art Exhibitions).    

Based on the three directions of the potential development of Wrocław’s new BWA – basic, transitional and progressive – Iza Rutkowska will prepare workshops for municipal officials and experts, during which the concepts will be explicated. On the basis of the information gathered, she will prepare three movable models, not only to be displayed at the gallery, but also used during meetings in the city and discussions with the inhabitants of Wrocław who for various reasons do not visit galleries. In the third stage of the project, after analysing all the collected data, another round of workshops with the municipal officials and experts will be organized, followed by the preparation of final models of the three ideas for the dream venue. The results of each of the stages will be displayed in the form of exhibitions at the Dizajn gallery in order to render the whole process transparent and easy to follow by all its stakeholders.

You may send your opinions and comments throughout the entire duration of the process to the following address:

Iza Rutkowska – founder of the Foundation of Forms and Shapes, International School of Door Knocking and Zoochitecture Studio, lecturer at the School of Form, she runs design projects concerning space and its users. The results of her work have been presented all over the world. Together with children, she created a playground in Madrid and for the last five years has been transforming the Residents’ Backyard in Wrocław.