30 YEARS OF THE GEPPERT COMPETITION: Exhibition and seminar

Jubilee exhibition Geppert – I Call / Untitled
13th qualification seminar

17 Oct – 24 Nov 2019
seminar open presentations: Thursday 17 Oct 2019, 11 am – 5 pm
exhibition opening: Friday 18 Oct 2019, 6 pm

BWA Wrocław Główny gallery
the mezzanine of Wrocław Główny railway station
105 Piłsudskiego Street

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Geppert Competition, one of the most important events for outstanding young Polish painters.

The Geppert Competition is an all-Polish undertaking devoted to young painting. It was originated in the circles connected with Wrocław’s Academy of Fine Arts and then gradually expanded to include the entire Polish art scene. Its main purpose is presenting as complete a picture of current phenomena observed in various centres in Poland as possible, as well as promoting debuting artists.

The competition, organized continually since 1989 – so for thirty years now – is currently one of the most important reviews of young art in Poland. Entries are submitted for the competition by a group of experts from art centres all over the country (representing art colleges, prominent public exhibition institutions and private galleries) during a seminar to take place in October 2019. The selection is then assessed by the Jury during the competition exhibition planned for March 2020. The jubilee contest qualifications will be held in the form of an open seminar during which we will see this year’s competition exhibition entries and witness the selection of next year’s competitors.

Agnieszka Polska, Co Słonko widziało (klatka z filmu), 2017, dzięki uprzejmości artystki

The 30th Geppert Competition will also host the jubilee exhibition Geppert – I Call / Untitled, presenting current works of the winners of all previous twelve editions of the Competition. The title, or rather its lack, refers to the ambiguous status of art competitions. Are they reviews of best art? Are they really career springboards for young artists? What does participating in something defined as a “painting competition” actually mean? Can it be unequivocally stated that after years its participants are in fact successful? What is the point of putting them into a group?

The thirteen male and female artists participating in the Geppert – I Call / Untitled exhibition are not necessarily painters. Some of them have long abandoned this medium, others have never even defined themselves within its framework. However, the fact that they once took part in the Geppert Competition remains in their artistic CV. The exhibition is also an attempt at institutional self-criticism. The twelve editions of the Geppert Competition, says Alicja Klimczak-Dobrzaniecka, curator of the exhibition, have gone a long way from a local academic event to one of the most important competitions in Poland. The presentation of its winners’ latest work gives us an opportunity to critically look at the role of the competition, and as a result gives an occasion to reflect on possible changes that might improve its format.

Luka Rayski, Nyarlathotep – Snakes in the Hand, foto: Adam Gut, dzięki uprzejmości Galerii Szydłowski i artysty

A certain new chapter in the institution’s history may also be seen as a symbolic look into the past – the thirty-year summary of the Geppert Competition and the seminar’s 13th edition are taking place in its new Railway Station venue. The competition, up till now a flagship feature of the Awangarda Gallery, will now undergo a sort of rebranding process. Its relocation marks a transition between the new programme of the gallery and is at the same time a reference to the programme tradition of the Hatzfeld Palace.

The opening of the Geppert – I Call / Untitled exhibition will be accompanied by the opening of another exhibition – Best ASP Diplomas 2019, presenting top works of graduates of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.


Thursday 17 October
11 am – 5 pm  |  Open presentations of the participants of the 13th Geppert Competition
Academy of Fine Arts, 19/21 Traugutta Street

Friday 18 October
10 am – 5 pm  |  Closed proceedings of the competition jury
Academy of Fine Arts, 19/21 Traugutta Street

6 pm  |  Announcement of the nominated entries of the 13th Geppert Competition and participants of the 2020 exhibition. Opening of the exhibition Geppert – I Call / Untitled and Art of Passage. Best ASP Wrocław Diplomas 2019.
BWA Wrocław Główny Gallery, 105 Piłsudskiego Street

Saturday 19 October

3 pm  |  Curatorial tour of the exhibition Geppert – I Call / Untitled
BWA Wrocław Główny Gallery, 105 Piłsudskiego Street

jubilee exhibition artists: Zbiok Czajkowski, Jacek Dłużewski, Kle Mens, Kasia Kmita, Barbara Kuciapska, Olga Lewicka, Marzena Nowak, Agnieszka Polska, Cezary Poniatowski, Luka Rayski, Zbigniew Rogalski, Urszula Wilk, Zorka Wollny

exhibition curator: Alicja Klimczak-Dobrzaniecka

seminar experts: Barbara Bańda, Anna Bąk, Michał Bieniek, Marta Borgosz, Jerzy Hejnowicz, Delfina Jałowik, Dominika Kowynia, Wojciech Leder, Karolina Leśnik, Ewa Łączyńska-Widz, Jan Mioduszewski, Zbigniew Rogalski, Joanna Rzepka-Dziedzic, Jadwiga Sawicka, Waldemar Tatarczuk, Sławomir Toman, Gabriela Warzycka, Aleksy Wójtowicz, Marcin Zawicki

Competition curators: Alicja Klimczak-Dobrzaniecka, Anna Kołodziejczyk

co-organizer: Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław
media patrons: Przegląd Weekly, SZUM Magazine, RynekiSztuka.pl, Artinfo.pl

visual identification: Mateusz Zieleniewski, Sébastien Millot