BIURO no 14&15. Spreading knowledge and better lessons

il. Beata Rojek

In the – this time round – joint issues of the Office we are dealing with two topics: knowledge and how it’s spread and art as a profession. The core of the issue is built by the set of texts about living in the jungle of knowledge assembled by Professor Marek Krajewski. Living in the information society, we often fall into reefs: fake news, info-pollution, information bubble, algorithm power (their creators and owners are the new writers in the world of illiterate). The times of ever-accessible knowledge are also times of post-truth. How do we combine these two formulas and survive? That’s a challenge not only for art but also for each ideal worker drifting to the office, a journalist, doctor and a student. Other things you will find inside include a survey by the Office magazine about jobs contemporary artists do, an interview with Tomek Opania about contemporary academicism and a usual, many artists’ pages.

editor: Anka Mituś