BIURO no 17. Against Aestheticization

Cover: Cyber Kids on Real


Biuro Issue 17 Against Aestheticization

This time the cover theme deals with the axiomatic questions: Is the avant-garde model still valid in art? Or perhaps the permanent transgression making art “this” now and “that” on other occasions has finally stopped chasing its own tail?

A lot has changed in art in the 21st century. The art/market relations have complicated the situation of artists. What is new must blaze its trail towards recipients by means of various tools, often institutional, such as reviewing, communication and promotion, which – in order to be effective – often compare what they present to what we already know and like. Artists, especially the younger ones, do not want to be maladjusted rebels. The loss of power experienced by arts and humanities has led to new punk being fed by marketing: exhibitions are planned like viral campaigns, established artists either set up agencies or act like agencies (DIS Magazine), they enjoy fake news and destabilize the system, appropriating channels of virtual reality, sensing that no other reality exists. They manipulate, seduce, simulate.

In other words, the issue is about how to recognize contemporary art and how it tries to distinguish itself from mere stylization.


Agnieszka Bandura, Beata Bartecka, Cyber kids on real (Dominik CymerKasia Lorenz), DOOM 3K (Michal Niechaj, Sylwia Rochala), Dwa Zeta (Sławek Czajkowski, Karolina Zajączkowska), Marek Krajewski, Małpeczki (Maria Kozłowska, Maria Toboła), Anka Mituś, Muzealne Biuro Wycieczkowe (Tomek Pawłowskił, Rafał Żarski), Dominik PodsiadlyKatarzyna RojAleksandra WałaszekKarolina WyciskMagda Zamorska

Graphic design of ocver:  Cyber Kids On Real
Graphic design of issue: Maciek Lizak
Editor in Chief: Anna Mituś