BIURO Nr 13 Polityka kulturalna (1/2016)

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In 2016, Wrocław was awarded – not without controversy – the title of the European Capital of Culture. It was also the year of yet another Congress of Culture, this time initiated at the grassroots level. In this issue of the magazine, we ask influential figures for their comments and visions connected with the awareness of co-creating the image of Polish culture, its relationship with the market, copyright issues, as well as the specific ethos relating to what is public and created in the interest of a social community.


  • editor in chief: Anna Mituś
  • authors: Patryk Balawender, Beata Bartecka, Hubert Gromny, Agata Kalinowska, Marek Krajewski,Karolina Mełnicka, Anna Mituś, Sylvain Pasqua, Piotr Pludzian Płucienniczak, Karol Radziszewski, Klementyna Sęga, Paweł Szroniak, Karolina Szymanowska, Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało, Michał Znojek
  • graphic design: Karolina Pietrzyk
  • year of publication: 2016
  • language of publication: Polish
  • publisher: BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art
  • type of cover: paperback
  • dimensions:200x265mm
  • number of pages: 102
  • ISSN: 2081-2434