Krzysztof Wałaszek. Life of an Artist in the Second Half of the 20th Century


The catalogue accompanying Krzysztof Wałaszek’s exhibition gathers and summarizes works from various periods of his artistic activity. It is a humorous but morally intricate story of the tumultuous period of the late 20th century and a disillusioned look at the 21st century.


  • author: Anna Markowska
  • graphic design: Tomasz Bersz
  • year of publication: 2015
  • language of publication: Polish, English
  • publishers: BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw
  • type of cover: paperback
  • dimensions: 170x240mm
  • number of pages: 112
  • ISBN: 978-83-63505-29-5/978-83-64410-11-9