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  • Giantesses

    10.05.2024 08.09.2024

    Now event

    Giantesses is an exhibition featuring five artists connected in various ways to Lower Silesia: Bożenna Biskupska, Urszula Broll, Ewa Ciepielewska, Katarzyna Rotkiewicz-Szumska, and Ewa Zarzycka. Although they use different media –…

    Plakat do wystawy Olbrzymki, zielona mapa z nazwiskami artystek w żółtej ramie z logo BWA Wrocław
  • Heartworm 

    05.04.2024 09.06.2024

    Now event

    Heartworm is an exhibition by Aleksandra Liput that inaugurates the new program year at SIC! Gallery. This is also the title of a work consisting of approximately 300 ceramic objects…

    The poster for robak sek's bwa exhibition.
  • EUROPA II. Yuriy Biley

    22.03.2024 23.06.2024

    Now event

    This exhibition of artwork by Yuriy Biley presents a narrative about visual culture of specific moments in the history of three European countries to which the artist is personally connected:…

    Europea croatia ii - yurry billy.