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  • I & We

    24.03.2023 18.06.2023

    Now event

    “Where do we come from? We are dead stars”, claims Michelle Thaller, one of the most sensitive astrophysicists exploring the universe. Thaller stresses the fact that people, stars and all…

    Wystawa I & We w galerii S12, Bergen, Norwegia ©Pål Hoff
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

    10.03.2023 11.06.2023

    Now event

    Journey to the Center of the Earth exhibition makes reference to the location and history of the BWA Wrocław Główny gallery, bringing together the venue’s two key themes: travel and…

    ciemna grafika ze skamieliną na środku
  • Anton Shebetko’s exhibition presents the history of Ukraine’s queer community. The artist uses photos, videos and interviews to create an ongoing open catalog. He collects materials to form a contemporary…

    Plakat z flagą tęczową i ze zdjęciem
  • Our Death

    11.06.2023 25.06.2023

    Soon event

    At some point in the future, it will be the last day of your life. We don’t know when and how you will die, but we are certain it will…

    Plakat wystawy-procesu Nasza śmierć autorstwa Kuby Marii Mazurkiewicza
  • As part of the exhibition, you have the possibility to sign up for an individual session with Anja Franczak. During the 30 minute meeting, Anja will invite you to lay…

    Anja Franczak siedzi na białej trumnie, na której widać kolorowe odciski dłoni. Anja ma na sobie długą, ciemnozieloną sukienkę. W tle bujna zieleń, trawa i drzewa
  • Otherworlds and Extraction are a dual exhibition; two independent narratives from Silesia, the historical land where Anna Orłowska and Michał Łuczak live. The artist and the artist work mainly in…

    Graphics promoting the event on a gray background, by Damian Nowak.