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  • Heartworm 

    05.04.2024 09.06.2024

    Past event

    Heartworm is an exhibition by Aleksandra Liput that inaugurates the new program year at SIC! Gallery. This is also the title of a work consisting of approximately 300 ceramic objects…

    The poster for robak sek's bwa exhibition.
  • What is the world’s weirdest insect? On Children’s Day at SIC! Gallery’s backyard together we will bring to life some fantastic creatures. In particular, we will have a closer look…

    A group of children attentively listening to a woman pointing upwards during an outdoor activity.
  • We would like to invite you to one of the most important artistic events of our city and region – the exhibition of the Best Diplomas of the Eugeniusz Geppert…

    An old black and white photo of a man standing in front of a large piece of paper.
  • Effortlessness of Movement 

    26.01.2024 03.03.2024

    Past event

    The title of Zofia Pałucha’s solo exhibition refers to the stream of consciousness – a tool used in the artist’s practice. The paintings exhibited at Studio BWA Wrocław are a…

    Obraz olejny przedstawiający kobiety w strojach kąpielowych podnoszące siedzącą kobietę na rękach.
  • A Path through Loss. Agnieszka Bar

    17.11.2023 25.02.2024

    Past event

    Hitherto best known as a utility glass designer, Agnieszka Bar is premiering her artistic works. The exhibition at SIC! BWA Wrocław will feature not only glass objects but also ceramics,…

    Duży, czerwony obiekt z materiału, przypominający waginę, zwisający nad podłogą w przestrzeni galerii. Na pierwszym planie, nieostry fragment starej wanny
  • Exhibition of the 14th Geppert Competition

    20.10.2023 28.01.2024

    Past event

    In this year’s edition of the Geppert Competition, we will not ask, as in previous years, what a painter does or what artists do for painting. We will not consider…

    Grafika promująca 14. edycję Konkursu Gepperta z napisem "finaliści" i logiem Konkursu.
  • After us

    10.11.2023 13.01.2024

    Past event

    Studio BWA Wrocław closes the year 2023 with a presentation of possible future scenarios inspired by archeofuturism and outdated visions of the apocalypse. After Us is an exhibition created entirely…

    A man sitting on a chair in a dark room.
  • The power of words in different contexts, languages, images and sounds – from November 10, the BWA Wrocław Główny gallery will host an exhibition that is the creative voice of…

    A woman in a blue jacket working at a table.
  • We are opening a new space on the mezzanine floor of Main Railway Station! Palmiarnia is two interconnected zones. One acts as a gallery infopoint with a book and poster…

    Wizualizacja projektu Palmiarni.
  • Błotko is children’s tale of clay, of the nature which contains it, and of imagination. And that would be it – after all, whatever can be expressed by imagination which draws…

    Błotko exhibition poster
  • This year, as part of the Artistic Scene of the mBank New Horizons IFF, we are presenting exhibitions in two BWA Wrocław galleries. The exhibition Avec Plaisir in Studio BWA…


    Kobiety na łóżku, jedna przywiązuje drugą, której to sprawia przyjemność
  • Otherworlds and Extraction are a dual exhibition; two independent narratives from Silesia, the historical land where Anna Orłowska and Michał Łuczak live. The artist and the artist work mainly in…

    Graphics promoting the event on a gray background, by Damian Nowak.