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    17.06.2022 18.09.2022

    Past event

    SAFE SPACE at Dizajn BWA Wrocław is an exhibition about controlled escape and building psychological resilience in times of crisis.  The artists and designers invited to participate in the project…

    Plakat promujący wystawę SAFE SPACE w galerii Dizajn BWA Wrocław
  • Sun Republic. Artistic Scene of the 22. IFF New Horizons

    22.07.2022 07.09.2022

    Past event

    The exhibition is devoted to the place that the global North occupies in collective imagination. Together with the artists, we are looking for this place at the intersection of migratory…


    dwie kobiety na tle zimowego krajoibrazu Norwegii
  • The title of the exhibition may be understood in two ways – “to the extent that I can see” and “the distance I can cover with my eyes”. Even though…


    Wystawa As Far As I Can ee-wystawa-bwa-wroclaw-festiwal-nowe-horyzonty-Geisser-Sokolnicka
  • Autonomous Zones


    Soon event

    Autonomous Zones is the biggest exhibition at BWA Wrocław in 2022, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the international centre for glass art education – Pilchuck Glass School in the United…

    fragment pracy Victorii Ahmadizadeh na wystawie Autonomus Zones
  • What do different worlds look like in the same exhibition space? The answer can be found during the Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2022 in early April. It’s enough to go to…

    ludzie w galerii
  • They’re dancing the Mazur Again!

    27.05.2022 10.07.2022

    Past event

    Can a jester set themselves free from the claws of their ruler? For whom and from whom does the wired glass serve as protection? And how the heck do you…

    kobieta siedząca w klubie na czarnym fotelu, w białym gorsecie i ciemnych ubraniach
  • All Familiar Characters

    03.06.2022 10.07.2022

    Past event

    In June, the Studio BWA Wrocław gallery will hold a solo exhibition by Karolina Freino. Join us for a presentation that calls our attention to the problem of human exploitation…

    Wernisaż wystawy Wszystko znajome postacie / Fot. Wojciech Chrubasik
  • Alicja Patanowska: The Body Leads Me Down a Winding Path

    11.03.2022 05.06.2022

    Past event

    We invite you to the Dizajn BWA Wrocław gallery, where Alicja Patanowska will arrange a studio open to the public. For the first weeks of the project, she will be…

    Kobieta na zdjęciu wylewa do białego wiadra masę ceramiczną. Za nią, na stole, stoją ceramiczne naczynia
  • Efflorescences of Screen Printing Culture

    04.03.2022 07.05.2022

    Past event

    We invite you to the Studio gallery to see an anniversary exhibition of the Graphics Flower Shop. The exhibition presents works created over the decade of the Warsaw screen printing…

    Zbiok Czajkowski w żółtej bluzie, pokazujący swój sitodruk
  • As Few Footprints as Possible. Dominika Kulczyńska

    04.02.2022 30.04.2022

    Past event

    What kind of traces are we leaving behind? What consequences of human ambition and egotism will our descendants suffer? We invite you to visit the SIC! BWA Wrocław gallery and…

    portert Dominiki Kulczyńskiej, stojącej w pracowni
  • Locomotive

    18.02.2022 27.03.2022

    Past event

    Yael Vishnizki-Levi’s Locomotive is a large-scale, locomotive-shaped installation placed on the premises of a railway station. It concerns migration and mobility, issues which are so relevant nowadays. The exhibition was…

    plakat wystawy Lokomotywa z różowym tłem, czarnym obrysem lokomotywy w tle i białymi literkami
  • Good Evening in Wrocław – group exhibition

    18.02.2022 27.03.2022

    Past event

    What is the evening, how do we experience it, and is it indeed good for everyone? We invite you for a Good Evening in Wrocław – a collective exhibition. at…

    Na czarnym tle białe i żołte litery układające sie w napis Dobry wieczór we Wrocławiu