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  • This year’s exhibition of the 9th Best Media Arts Graduation Projects Competition continues the collaboration between eight universities with diverse models of media art education in Poland. The exhibition is…

    Plakat wystawy
  • How has the work/rest ratio been changing over the years? The Kowalskis Must Rest is an exhibition about ways of spending free time in the period of socialism. In our story of…


    Makieta wagonu kolejowego. Wagon w centrum kadru. Widać krótszy bok (tył) wagonu w kolorach szarym, beżowym i ciemnoczerwonym.
  • Autonomous Zones

    21.10.2022 29.01.2023

    Past event

    Autonomous Zones is the biggest exhibition at BWA Wrocław in 2022, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the international centre for glass art education – Pilchuck Glass School in the United…

    fragment pracy Victorii Ahmadizadeh na wystawie Autonomus Zones
  • For the eighteenth time BWA Wrocław will present diplomas of the graduates of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław from all departments and faculties run by…

    grafika do wydarzenia z maską
  • Gold Standard

    16.09.2022 27.11.2022

    Past event

    This autumn, the SIC! BWA Wrocław gallery will present an exhibition by Matthew Szosz, an artist and educator known primarily for his innovative processes and original use of glass, which…

    Wieczorne zdjęcie instalacji Matthew Szösza. Złota bryła, złożona z wielu powierzchni odbijających światło
  • mother earth

    01.10.2022 27.11.2022

    Past event

    How to make use of the experience of maternity, parenthood and their community character? This autumn, Dizajn BWA Wrocław presents a collective exhibition entitled mother earth, which builds on the…

    Sztandar z napisem "Mothes of the World come out", za nim tkanina, na której wyświetlona jest projekcja. Kadr z wideo przedstawia ręce wyszywające napisy na sztandarze
  • EkoEksperymentarium

    23.09.2022 06.11.2022

    Past event

    How to take care of the climate on a daily basis? It’s no secret that it is hard to change habits. That is why at EkoEksperymentarium we give you some…

    identyfikacja wystawy

    17.06.2022 18.09.2022

    Past event

    SAFE SPACE at Dizajn BWA Wrocław is an exhibition about controlled escape and building psychological resilience in times of crisis.  The artists and designers invited to participate in the project…

    Plakat promujący wystawę SAFE SPACE w galerii Dizajn BWA Wrocław
  • Sun Republic. Artistic Scene of the 22. IFF New Horizons

    22.07.2022 07.09.2022

    Past event

    The exhibition is devoted to the place that the global North occupies in collective imagination. Together with the artists, we are looking for this place at the intersection of migratory…


    dwie kobiety na tle zimowego krajoibrazu Norwegii
  • The title of the exhibition may be understood in two ways – “to the extent that I can see” and “the distance I can cover with my eyes”. Even though…


    Wystawa As Far As I Can ee-wystawa-bwa-wroclaw-festiwal-nowe-horyzonty-Geisser-Sokolnicka
  • What do different worlds look like in the same exhibition space? The answer can be found during the Wrocław Drawing Triennial 2022 in early April. It’s enough to go to…

    ludzie w galerii
  • They’re dancing the Mazur Again!

    27.05.2022 10.07.2022

    Past event

    Can a jester set themselves free from the claws of their ruler? For whom and from whom does the wired glass serve as protection? And how the heck do you…

    kobieta siedząca w klubie na czarnym fotelu, w białym gorsecie i ciemnych ubraniach